Top 7 Websites I Use While Traveling

By on Mar 30, 2015 in Travel |

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I have a solid work routine when traveling.  These are the top 7 websites I use consistently while traveling to make my life easier and more enjoyable…


A huge selection of electronic music playlists.  I regularly listen to the vocal trance playlist while working because the high bpm and varitation in music gets me in the groove and keeps me focused. Recently I got some new headphones and bought the premium version of this site, giving greater sound and no ads.  A close alternative 8tracks or YouTube for music playlists.


This is the easiest website I’ve seen for converting local time to other timezones, ie the time back home.  The interface is very easy to visually see the different times.  It’s a cinch to use and very efficient.


Porbably the easiest site to find places to stay.  Sure the prices will be higher then normal, but the ease of finding properties makes it worth while.  Otherwise you’ll be going through countless ads, popups, and other annying travel websites.


For networking this invaluable.  Also for event invites.  Everyone seems to be on facebook, and its great to learn more about people that you meet or are about to meet.  It’s easy to get distracted, but if you can have discipline to use it, the powers are huge.


While on the scooter, in taxis, or any downtime, listening and getting educated at the same time is great for maximizing any wasted time.  I get one new audio book a month and it keeps me exciting to get more and apply what I’m learning.


For arranging call meeting times with anyone, this is a great website.  Just put in your local time, set the desired times for a call and the website does the rest by automatically changing to the persons local time so they can book a time that works for them.


A great database of restaurants and activities in many cities.  I go on here and filter the activities I’m interested in and the site will sort the top activities based on reviews.  It saves a ton of time searching for stuff to do.  A great community of users, with helpful information.

There you have it, 5 really useful websites I use consistently while traveling.  Have any suggestions for other helpful ones, please let me know!

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