The Secret Tool I Used To Survive Burning Man

By on Mar 16, 2015 in Mindset Hacks |

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Burning Man tests people on all levels.  The conditions are so extreme that at some point you will be tested both physically and mentally.  During the day it gets extremely hot, and at night it gets very cold (even though it’s in the middle of the desert).

Aside from the weather, the music, art cars, and theme camps are blasting with music, cheering, laughter, and other background noise.

All this commotion can literally go 24×7 for as long as the event – and it progressively gets more intense.

If you want to survive and thrive the whole event, you must get adequate rest and relaxation.

Thankfully, just before I left, a good friend gave me a tool that would greatly improve my burning man experience (and other times I need to get recharged).

What is this secret tool?

It’s called the Energizer Nap.  It’s an audio track that’s scientifically engineered to put you to sleep and then wake you up to a calm and alert state, using powerful binaural tones.

The science behind the energizing nap, is it uses a series of binaural brainwave frequencies, instructed by a person’s voice, and combined with soothing ambient sounds to create the perfect power nap.

The audio’s come in 3 versions (10 minute, 15 minute, and 20 minute), but I’ve found the 15 minute version to be the best.  Listening to the 15 minute audio, I felt like it was the equivalent of an hour or more rest.

While others at Burning Man were trying to get hours of rest, I was listening to the Energizer Nap audios, getting highly focused power naps in a fraction of the time…resting my mind and recharging my body.

I’ve since been listening to this audio whenever I need a power nap.

It’s a power nap game changer!

For your pleasure, I have uploaded the track here so you can use it.

Download Here (Right Click and Save Link As)

Get ready for the most rewarding power naps you’ve every had!

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