The Secret To Making Virtual Income From Anywhere

By on Sep 21, 2015 in Entrepreneurship, Lifestyle Design |

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Meet David, he’s an inspiring entrepreneur who wants to live anywhere and make money from any cafe, co-working, or home office in the world.

He feverishly tries everything he can to contact people to buy his fancy consulting services.

He reads everything he can about how to “push” his services onto unsuspecting prospects.

Relentlessly he works as hard and as fast as he can, but gets minimal results.

Then one day something clicks.  And it all changes.

Instead of “pushing” his services onto other people, he does a complete 180′ and does what a “pull” strategy, and his world changes and he gets more business then he can handle…now he works all around the world, stress-free, getting clients with minimal effort.

How does he do this?

Using “pull” marketing, instead of “push” marketing, with a combined strategy of “channel marketing”.

What is this you ask?

Push marketing is when you PUSH your services onto other people, and if you push enough times they’ll be someone who buys.  The opposite is PULL marketing, where you focus on people who want your services, and you PULL them into you.  Very different.  Very different results.

The kicker is that David decided to do Channel Marketing.  This means that he’s found Channels that already have a ton of buyers and then positioned himself effectively within those channels.  Examples would be Clickbank, Airbnb, Upwork, Elance, Amazon, Ebay, and other well known platforms.  With a steady stream of buyers, David can now focus on optimizing his presence within those channels and then the buyers find him! 🙂

Overtime David finds ways to position himself better on those channels, to the point where he is the go-to person for his services.  David now wakes up in the morning with invitations for new work everyday.  Without having to contact people cold.

This is the power of getting positioned well on Channels, using Pull marketing.

Now David can focus on building his Virtual Empire wherever he is.


Hopefully this simple concept helped you out.  Let me know any questions.  Look for upcoming strategies on how to position yourself on those channels and become the dominant player who gets never-ending customers.

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