The Secret To Being Hyper Productive

By on Jan 25, 2015 in Productivity |

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We all want to be more productive, achieve more high level priorities in our day, and feel we had an awesome day – getting tons of high leverage stuff done.

So how can we be hyper productive and eliminate procrastination?

Well one of the biggest reasons for procrastination is the length of the time we think is required to do the task creates a mental block so we put off even getting started.  Another challenge is as we work (especially in busy environments such as coffee shops and other public places), there’s so many distractions around us.  People walking by, flash objects, and thousands of other distractions.  All these distractions limit are outputs because we’re never focused on a single subject.

The solution is to work with a sprinters mentality…working with extreme focus, for a short duration, and getting maximum results…just like a sprinter does.


What’s The Secret?


By using a technique called the Pomodoro technique.  Essentially, its working in short interval sprints.  You start a timer for 25 minutes, work with speed and tenacity for those 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute break.  On every 3rd break, take a longer break (15 minutes), and then repeat the cycle.

The key to this, is the hyper focus.  You’ll be working with extreme focus for those 25 minutes, with as much speed as you can, and then take a breather at the 25 minute mark.  While other people are mindlessly working, looking up at various distractions, you are dialled in, focused, and working with top speed, from minute 1 to minute 25.

Other people will wonder why you are so focused, but you know the secret is because you are working in quick short bursts of focused work.  Meanwhile you’ve just cranked out a ton of work in such a short period of time, that’s probably 2x-4x what they’re doing.


What Are The Tools?


I use an app that sits on my desktop called Focus Booster.  It sits at the bottom of the screen right here:



What Are The Benefits?


The major benefit is it gets you started and the momentum created.  When knowing that it’s only a 25 minute work block, it’s much easier to get started on your work.  Before you know it, you’ve started the task, and the initial momentum will carry over.  It also increases your focus by blocking out all external distractions, because you’re saying to yourself that within 25 minutes you can take a break and look at all those distractions you wanted to check out.

Is 25 Minutes Too short?


Some people will say that working in 25 minute block is too short, but if you start the 25 minute work block with high intentions of being focused, operating with speed and determination, you will accomplish more then others do in their long periods of work.  People are used to working in never-ending work chunks, so it seems short to them, but the increase in output trumps the extended marathon working method.  Plus, if you’re in a groove and feeling ‘flow’, I will continue working past the 25 minutes knowing that I can stop when that particular task is done.  Therefor, it’s used as a tool to get into flow…sometimes I stop at 25 minutes, sometimes I go longer, but ideally stopping at 25minutes is the best for rest and refocus.  You just don’t need to be fully limited by that if you feel you want to continue.

Try it out, and let me know your thoughts.  I think that this extreme focus and determination will over rule your past working methods, and you’ll soon see how powerful it is.

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