The Easiest and Most Powerful Goal Setting Program

By on Mar 9, 2015 in Lifestyle Design, Productivity |

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Most people set the standard 1 year resolutions (and rarely review them), 1 month goals, and daily to-do lists.  But what if I said you could do more in 3 months then most people do in 1 year?

The solution is the 3x2x1 program.  It breaks up the year into short time blocks that are close enough to make the sense of urgency real, and at the same time far away enough to make a bold/profound change.



3 Month Transformation Goals


It’s been said that in 3 months (90 days), you are able to make bold transformations and still be able to maintain a sense of urgency.  Anything beyond 3 months is susceptible to too many variables.  Therefore anything beyond 3 months should be treated as a ‘vision’, and 3 month targets should be ‘goals’.  These goals are close enough to excite you, yet far enough that if you take correct action everyday can make a HUGE difference.  So much so, that your 3 month goals could be someone else’s 1 year goals.  This short term focus will amp up your emotions and get you to take action, instead of procrastinating…because 1 year seems like a long time away.


2 Week Tasks


Next up is the 2 week tasks.  Instead of having just 1 month goals, why not increase the urgency, really maximizing on your time (and fulfillment), and make them into 2 weeks tasks.  A goal might be to earn ‘X amount’, but a task is to make ‘X amount of sales leads’.  The tasks are concrete action steps  you can personally take.  These have a clear quantifiable end point.  Each goal should have at least 1 task pushing it along.  Or you can have multiple tasks to amplify the momentum of reaching the goal.


1 Week Accountabilities


From 2 week accountabilities, you have your weekly accountabilities.  These are the tasks you set out to complete in the current week.  All these accountabilities should be quantifiable to achieve, i.e. I will do my morning ritual 4x this week.

It’s also recommended to have an accountability group to hold you up to accountability of completing them.  This is one of the most ways to ensure you’re keeping on target and not slacking or being lazy.

In a future post I’ll show you my exact template I use to categorize each goal area and supporting action steps, along with a vision board in each category.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

What goal programs do you use?

What’s your biggest tip on goal setting?

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