How To Live Like a King in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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There’s more people everyday discovering Ubud, in Bali, Indonesia.  Rightfully so, Ubud is a VERY special place.  It’s a spiritual/yoga/health heaven.  The energy and community feel is unlike anywhere.  There’s so many hidden gems of this place, its incredible.  In order to help you enjoy it to the fullest, here’s some ideas for great places to go to…




Alchemy – Great food, raw food, mostly salads, and some delicious smoothies.  A very nice patio to relax at, excellent for chilling out and meeting people.

Clear Cafe – An amazing place, unfortunately it recently caught fire and they are in rebuilding mode.  Look back for when it’s rebuilt – amazing food and atmosphere.

Down To Earth – Some of the best food you’ll find in Ubud.  A hidden gem that’s sure to deliver with delicious food, and a merchandise shop below.

Kafe – Great spot for breakfast or any meal through.  A social atmosphere with multiple floors.  Great ambience, service, and food.

Bali Buddha – One of favourite spots for breakfast.  Big portions, cool buddha style interior, comfortable couches.

Pomegranate – Amazing date spot.  You’re in the middle of the rice fields, in a big tent, floor couches, and fire flies everywhere.

Yellow Flower Cafe – A hidden gem just off of Alchemy.  Cool setting, some great food options, very cheap and tasty.

Seniman Coffee – I love this coffee place.  Some excellent coffee, cool patio, great environment, I got tons of work done here, enjoying the environment and the people.


Stuff to do


Get planted with an office and local travellers at Hubud, the shared co-working office.  This is a fantastic place to instantly meet lots of travellers, get lots of work done, and the staff can help you with cool events, restaurants, etc.

Go to as many breath workshops, sound healing, dances, yoga classes as possible. Check out Yoga Barn and the posting boards at the restaurants to see what’s happening around town. Always something next level to
experience, from ecstatic dance, to breath shops, to mediation classes.

The Mansion….must go.  Fantastic pools, great fool pool hopping afterparties, or daytime chill out sessions.  Huge potential for someone to throw pool parties.

Get a massage with Pan Mega. Renowned balinese healer. 3 hour massage. Beyond epic and like nothing you’ve ever done. Phone: 0813 3735 0365

Go to Dragonfly Resort for Wed, Sat, or Sunday pool/fire/sauna night. Great way to experience the real Ubud.

If you’re in Ubud Friday evening or Sunday morning…GO TO Estatic dance at Yoga Barn. Best experience. Trust me. Friday dance at 7pm is a must do.

Also, if you want a relaxing afternoon, go to Tjampuhan Spa. These are hot and cold baths carved into the cliffside.  Great for soaking and chilling out. Walk to the far end, ask where, to hop into the healing spring water pool…which hardly anyone knows about.

If you need Visa extensions, ask for the girl at the back of Alchemy.  She’s professional, fast, and dependable.

Enjoy, and let me know any question you may have!

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