Sense Of Urgency: How To Get Beyond Your Stuck-State and Achieve Your Goals In 5-10x Faster – Part 1

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Without a sense of urgency desire loses its value. Jim Rohn

This is a 2 part series because I consider sense of urgency to be a cornerstone of success.

Perhaps you’ve done lots to improve yourself, maybe you’ve worked on your beliefs, your goals, your values, or worked through some other area of your life.  Your life is still stagnating and you get seem to get beyond being unstuck.

If only there was a much simpler way that would get you unstuck and allow you to move your life forward faster and quicker then before?  Well you’re right…there is.

The most successful people have issues in their own life as well.  There lives are not perfect either.  However, despite them having issues, they operate with a sense of urgency that overcomes their issues.  By moving forward with a sense of urgency, they don’t get stuck on the pressing issues and they move forward with purpose and tenacity.  They know that there’s no time to make excuses, that it’s better to move forward with a sense of urgency.

It’s this sense of urgency that you’re missing in your life.  You simply have no urgency to get things done, to achieve your goals, and go after your dreams with purpose, determination, and belief.  It’s a cycle, because by operating slowly, results come slow, belief comes slow, and everything moving at a snails pace until there’s a point where you can’t handle it anymore.  If only you could have a spark under to get you on your purpose and achieve goals rapidly.  There’s no excuses with your past, we all have patterns that continually repeat itself over and over again.  Well now it’s going to be different.  With this one habit of sense of urgency, you will transform your life and your business.

There’s two ways a sense of urgency is forced upon us.  One way is by external events, people and circumstances.  For example, you have rent due next month and without rent you’ll be homeless.  Or it could be health reasons, for me having colon cancer was a wakeup signal and create a sense of urgency to get my health into peak state.

The other way is internally.  Maybe you want to achieve a charity goal of helping cure cancer, like our Greenhouse Superfoods is out to do.  This internal drive creates a sense of urgency to improve the world, leave a mark, and create lasting change that will impact lives forever.

How you get your source of sense of urgency is up to you.  Maybe it’s spending time around people that raise you up and inspire you to be your best self.  Maybe it’s going to fancy car dealerships, seeing nice homes for sale that you would love, being around people that have a purpose in their life, or you’re just plain pissed about how you’ve been living your life, and want more in life!  As long as it creates a strong desire to attack your goals with purpose and get things done as effectively and efficiently as possible.

In part 2 of this sense of urgency post, I’ll describe how to get this habit and soon you’ll have the life you’ve dreamed of.  For now, just continue to develop the awareness and get to a point where you have so much sense of urgency that operating at your typical daily speeds makes you upset.  We’ll soon channel that into powerful forward setting intentions 🙂


Have any input, comments, or suggestions?  I would love to hear them.



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