2 Life Lessons I Learned From a Wealthy Hotel Investor

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Recently I had business meeting with a guy who owns 8 hotels.  If he were to walk by you on the street you would have no idea. Until you talk to him….he had a certain poise and conviction in his voice. He articulated his response emphasizing his words with subtle hand gestures, reaffirming his message.  His words had wisdom and sense of belief. We got talking about his past and wrote drove him to build so much wealth. (I’ll tell you his reasons, and then give you the 2 lessons after)   His reasons, were because he never wanted to be poor and the freedom the wealth gave him. He said he could pickup his phone and travel anywhere in the world, knowing he had a top notch team handling everything.  Simple yet profound reasons. But digging further, he was more interested in sharing his 2 lessons someone needed to reach his position.   1. Hard Work   We hear it all the time…work hard, work hard, work hard.  But what does this really mean? And then it finally clicked. Working loooong hours is working hard.  But are you doing the HARD and difficult work? Successful people have a habit of doing the Hard Work.  This is the crap you don’t want to do.  You know the stuff, you have it everyday.  But instead of doing the hard work, you do tons of the easy work…and by working long hours you think you’re getting shit done, but ultimately you’re doing a bunch of stuff that has little impact. Takeaway:  You only have so much willpower in your day, so get in the habit of doing the ‘hard work’ as early as possible when you have the highest willpower.  By doing so, you’ll get the important stuff done when you have the most energy, and then once you’re done, you’ll get even more momentum because you’ve accomplished the difficult tasks.  That’s doing Hard Work.   2. The People You Mix With    It’s often said that you are the average sum of the 5 closest people around you. For this guy, he surrounded himself with awesome people.  People that could get shit done.  People he could trust.  People that were better then him. He became the guy who put the talent together, and they took over from there. Get serious about who you hang with. For me, I created a contact list in my phone of my TOP 5.  These are people that I want to associate with. After regularly contacting the Top 5, I’ve been able to forge new business relationships, get access to lifestyle luxuries, and elevate my game to the next level. Takeaway:  You are the average sum of the 5 closest people around you.  Be proactive about spending time with people who are making tons of money, living the lifestyle you want, or any other goals you desire.  By regularly contacting them, you’ll eventually find a shared interest, and soon you’ll be operating their level. BOOM!  There you have it.  2 awesome lessons from a wealthy hotel investor. Go take action and rock it to the next level! If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

The Secret Tool I Used To Survive Burning Man

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Burning Man tests people on all levels.  The conditions are so extreme that at some point you will be tested both physically and mentally.  During the day it gets extremely hot, and at night it gets very cold (even though it’s in the middle of the desert). Aside from the weather, the music, art cars, and theme camps are blasting with music, cheering, laughter, and other background noise. All this commotion can literally go 24×7 for as long as the event – and it progressively gets more intense. If you want to survive and thrive the whole event, you must get adequate rest and relaxation. Thankfully, just before I left, a good friend gave me a tool that would greatly improve my burning man experience (and other times I need to get recharged). What is this secret tool? It’s called the Energizer Nap.  It’s an audio track that’s scientifically engineered to put you to sleep and then wake you up to a calm and alert state, using powerful binaural tones. The science behind the energizing nap, is it uses a series of binaural brainwave frequencies, instructed by a person’s voice, and combined with soothing ambient sounds to create the perfect power nap. The audio’s come in 3 versions (10 minute, 15 minute, and 20 minute), but I’ve found the 15 minute version to be the best.  Listening to the 15 minute audio, I felt like it was the equivalent of an hour or more rest. While others at Burning Man were trying to get hours of rest, I was listening to the Energizer Nap audios, getting highly focused power naps in a fraction of the time…resting my mind and recharging my body. I’ve since been listening to this audio whenever I need a power nap. It’s a power nap game changer! For your pleasure, I have uploaded the track here so you can use it. Download Here (Right Click and Save Link As) Get ready for the most rewarding power naps you’ve every had! If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

The Easiest and Most Powerful Goal Setting Program

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Most people set the standard 1 year resolutions (and rarely review them), 1 month goals, and daily to-do lists.  But what if I said you could do more in 3 months then most people do in 1 year? The solution is the 3x2x1 program.  It breaks up the year into short time blocks that are close enough to make the sense of urgency real, and at the same time far away enough to make a bold/profound change.   3 Month Transformation Goals   It’s been said that in 3 months (90 days), you are able to make bold transformations and still be able to maintain a sense of urgency.  Anything beyond 3 months is susceptible to too many variables.  Therefore anything beyond 3 months should be treated as a ‘vision’, and 3 month targets should be ‘goals’.  These goals are close enough to excite you, yet far enough that if you take correct action everyday can make a HUGE difference.  So much so, that your 3 month goals could be someone else’s 1 year goals.  This short term focus will amp up your emotions and get you to take action, instead of procrastinating…because 1 year seems like a long time away.   2 Week Tasks   Next up is the 2 week tasks.  Instead of having just 1 month goals, why not increase the urgency, really maximizing on your time (and fulfillment), and make them into 2 weeks tasks.  A goal might be to earn ‘X amount’, but a task is to make ‘X amount of sales leads’.  The tasks are concrete action steps  you can personally take.  These have a clear quantifiable end point.  Each goal should have at least 1 task pushing it along.  Or you can have multiple tasks to amplify the momentum of reaching the goal. 1 Week Accountabilities   From 2 week accountabilities, you have your weekly accountabilities.  These are the tasks you set out to complete in the current week.  All these accountabilities should be quantifiable to achieve, i.e. I will do my morning ritual 4x this week. It’s also recommended to have an accountability group to hold you up to accountability of completing them.  This is one of the most ways to ensure you’re keeping on target and not slacking or being lazy. In a future post I’ll show you my exact template I use to categorize each goal area and supporting action steps, along with a vision board in each category. Hope you enjoyed this post! What goal programs do you use? What’s your biggest tip on goal setting? If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

7 Reasons Why Kiteboarding Will Train You To Be a Kick-Ass Entrepreneur

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Typical kiteboarders are entrepreneurial, adventure minded, successful, and focused, but they’re also open minded, playful, and fun-spirited.  Most notably, kiteboarding attracts people who are willing to take a risk, in exotic conditions, in order for a potential huge reward.  It’s no wonder why kiteboarding is one of Richard Branson’s favourite hobbies. 1. Fundamentals are key.   There’s a big learning curve with kiteboarding.  Jumping in without proper training, and you’re sure to wash up on the beach.  Fundamentals are key.  You must check your safety gear, your riding equipment, and the water conditions before each ride. Similarly, entrepreneurs must assess market conditions, business plans, and human resource aspects before diving in.  Do the fundamentals.   2. Perfect conditions are rare, don’t procrastinate.   If you’re looking for perfect conditions to start, you’ll be waiting a long time.  Sometimes the wind is off, the water is choppy, or an array of other things aren’t as perfect as you were hoping.  The important thing is meeting about 80% of your criteria, then taking action. Just like in business, the market could be off timing, cost of goods could be high, or markets could be over saturated.  Research the market and jump in.   3. Starting is the hardest part.   With all the complex equipment, kiteboarding can be overwhelming.  Practice and perseverance are critical to getting over the resistance of starting.  Just like in starting a new business, there’s so many moving parts, from product development, lead generation, fulfillment, customer service, financials, etc.  Just get started one step at a time and eventually you’ll be riding with joy.   4. Create leverage.   For most new kiteboarders the kite is the scariest part.  However, learn how the kite works, and you can leverage it to create unbelievable leverage.  Point the kite in one direction, and it will create a surge of energy.  Same thing with business.  Look at the points in your business where you can put in minimal effort and get maximized return.  Delegate for ultimate leverage.   5. Commitment gets you the big air.   You won’t see kiteboarders mindlessly riding around.  The opposite, they are poised, focused, and committing to every move.  Once they see a wave, they commit fully and the results follow soon after.  They leap into the air…twisting, flipping, riding rails, or whatever reward they want to savour.  Commit and the results will follow.   6. Don’t blame circumstances, adapt to them.   In kiteboarding the wind is fickle.  The wind direction and speed change at a moments notice.  Kiteboarder’s who don’t adapt will be tossed around like a wet noodle.  Kiteboarders must anticipate great things, but if conditions change they must readjust their plans to deal with it.  Just like in business, you must adapt to customers feedback, new competitors, employee issues, or any other number of factors.  When changes occur, adapt quickly.   7. Tools don’t cut it, implementation does.   You could have the best kite, coolest board, newest harness, or any other piece equipment, but if you don’t know how to use them, it’s pointless.  In business, you can have the best computer, software, mastermind, etc, but without implementation you’ll never get the results you’re seeking. Implementation, implementation, implementation. Go out there and apply the things you know you should act on.  Forget about the ‘perfect’ day/time, just take action and adjust as you go.  You can always get new equipment and have better conditions.  Just getting going! If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

How To Master The 3 Types of Entrepreneurial Days

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As entrepreneurs it’s easy to fill all your days with Work.  Constantly working day and night.  I’ve always thought I need to constantly work hard and long and that any time off would be loss of revenue.  However, by not taking anytime off it’s easy to get burnt out, lose drive, and energy.  By taking a complete 24hr free day (from midnight to midnight) you’ll gain more mental clarity, more drive and inspiration, and feel more connected to your business. Focus Days   In racing, this is the race day.  This is when the practice runs are over, the car has been tweak for max performance, and everything is set for ‘game-time’.  From midnight to midnight it’s time to be on your A-game.  The objective here is to be focusing 80% of your time on things that make a leveraged benefit on your business.  This is about getting stuff done…being as productive, effective and efficient as possible. No time here for messing around doing things slow.  Use the pomodero technique, and max out your days for optimal fulfillment.  Focus the mornings on your most profitable revenue producing activities in blocks of 2-2.5 hours, and soon you’ll be accomplishing much more in your day then you’ve thought possible.   Organization Days   In order to have super high productive and rewarding Focus Days, you must keep agile and on top of your things.  You must minimize your ‘stuff’ and get back to simplicity and organized.  Your action plan needs to be clear with your accountabilities, you’re daily priorities set, and the ‘race car’ ready to race.  To get to that state you need to spend time getting everything organized, returning calls, catch up on emails, clean up…ultimately restoring and maintaining simplicity in your life, and making sure your Focus and Free Days are not intruded. This is a great day for doing your GTD Weekly Review if you follow Getting Things Done, the stress-free productivity system. After you’ve completed your Buffer Day, and setup your Focus Day, then you can enjoy your Free Days with guilt-free pleasure, knowing that you’re on top of your business and personal life things.  This allows you to be more present, and connect more with people you love, getting more fulfillment and enjoyment.  That leads us to Free Days…   Free Days   Now that you’ve done your Buffer Day and setup your Focus Days for ultimate productivity and satisfaction, its time to enjoy your Free Day. This day is from midnight to midnight.  Not doing any work…enjoying the day with any recreation. At first it seems hard to take anytime off, but a magic things starts to happen.  You begin to master the art of delegation.  You begin to setup systems, processes, people, and whatever you need to do to enjoy your Free Day with complete pleasure, knowing everything is being handled.  Once you start taking free days, it becomes easier to take the time off. The Free Days are critical for rejuvenating yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It’s the day to sit back, chill out, do anything you want that’s not work focused.  Go for a drive, a hike in nature, walk on the beach, a pool party, sight-seeing, etc. For me I use this as my cheat day for eating.  Throughout the week I’m very good with my diet, then on my Free Day which includes Sunday, I’ll pig out and eat whatever.  Then the next day it’s back on to a clean and nutritious meal plan. After you’ve completed the Free Day, you’ll be so charged up, ready to rock it on your Focus Day.  Where most people are easing into Monday with procrastination and drowsiness, you’ve already mentally prepped yourself to attack monday morning, because you’ve got you’re whole week planned and you’re relaxed after your Free Day. There you have it, the 3 types of Days: Focus Days, Organization Days, and Free Days.  My current setup is Mon-Thurs (Focus Days), Fri (Organization Day), Sat (Focus or Free Day…pending work completed), and Sunday (Free Day). Try it out and leave a comment! If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

Quote of the Day

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Have Dreams that are Bigger than your Sleep. Attack the day.

How To Triple Your Profit With A Simple Productivity Hack

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There’s a fallacy derived from the Four Hour Work Week that our goal is to not work, or get it down to 4 hours a week.  But why 4 hours?  What if told you, you could wake up excited, get much more accomplished, and at least triple your business profit? This simple productivity hack will transform your day. Here’s the problem…most people are continually busy throughout the day, trying to get as much accomplished as they can, but by the time hits the afternoon your mental willpower and decision fatigue start to set in.  Everyday we only have so many energy cycles. By the time the end of your day hits, a ton of smaller priority tasks probably creeped into your day. The secret to boosting your profit by 3-5x….Schedule your MOST profitable (highest revenue producing) activities first part of your day.  Before emails, before any personal messages, before anything that consumes your energy. Therefore, the most profit generating activities are getting the highest priority of your day, and the highest  amount of energy.  By doing this consistently everyday, you’ll build unlimited momentum and the revenue will continually to build up. Personally, I like to get out of my place about 8am after my morning ritual.  This gets me into a work only environment where I can focus on executing without any distractions at home.  I do about 2.5 hrs of hard core focused work, then from that point my day ALREADY feels like an accomplishment.  Everything after at this point is gravy and bonus.  Even if I took the afternoon off it would still feel like my day was a success.  Then I hit the gym, and I can focus much more because it feels like a reward being at the gym.  Finish the gym with a power lunch, and you’ve got yourself a power packed morning, with revenue being at least tripled 🙂 My morning schedule looks like this: 6:30-8:00am – AM Ritual 8:00-10:30am – Most Profitable Activities 10:30-12pm – Gym 12:00-1:00pm – Lunch  Try it out and you’ll see that in no time your revenue is climbing, you’re feeling great, and you’re enjoying your lifestyle much more! If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

Design Your Day To Be a Masterpiece

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John Wooden is considered the best basketball coach of all time.  He lead UCLA to 10 championships, and was the first person to be inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame as a player and coach.  One of his principles was to design your day to be a masterpiece.  Here’s the concepts of how I apply that concept:   Outcome vs Process   Think of your day as a process of excellence.  There was a famous golfer who was at the 18 hole, with 1million on the line if he won it, and he didn’t even know that there was that much money on the line because he was thinking of his process, as opposed to the outcome.  That’s the mindset you should have when thinking about your day.  Focus on each moment, maximizing your yield in every moment, knowing that the outcome of the day will be taken care of if the process is the focus. Map Your Day   The first element of designing your day as a masterpiece is reviewing and getting connected to your “One Thing”.  This is your ultimate passion, your purpose, your thing you want to accomplish in the future.  By focusing and making sure you’re doing your One Thing, you will feel connected to your day and feel successful once its accomplish.  Make time for doing your One Thing earliest in the day when your will power is the highest, and the rest of the day will feel the momentum.  Next is getting serious by focusing on doing your best and turning pro.  If you’re going to do anything you should focus on doing it like a pro would.  Don’t do anything less. Stop list; what are those things that you know you shouldn’t do?  Don’t want to check Facebook, don’t want to get distracted on low value work?  Make a list of your intentions that you don’t want to do.  Fundamentals; everyday you should include Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest.  Each of fundamental elements to a thriving body and mindset.  Lastly on mapping your day is empowering rituals.  Two very powerful rituals are an AM and PM ritual.  Make a list of the things that would make an amazing morning ritual, and likewise make a list of things that would make an awesome evening rituals.  By starting and ending your day with these rituals, you’ll be grounded, connected to your spirit, and feel empowered to have an awesome day.   Do It   Mapping out your day is awesome but the main achilles heal is doing it!  Without the step you can constantly map your day out but you’ll get no where.  The doing part is the key piece.  If you have something that gives you anxiety, that’s a sure sign it should be something that you should do right away.  The more time you delay, the more anxiety you will get.  Once you do it, you’ll get a ton of momentum that snow balls your day forward.  Next have the mindset of progress over perfection.  At first you’re not going to be perfect, so just focus on getting something started and then tweak it later.  If you want to optimize your time, consider tracking your day.  I use iCal to put in what I’m doing, and then it allows me to review where my time goes.  It creates an accountability system with yourself to show exactly where your time goes.  At the end of the day or week, you can analyze and improve your time allocation.   There you have it, that’s the foundational principles of designing your day to be a masterpiece.  Remember that once this day is gone, it’s gone forever and can never be returned.  So take the time to design your day to be awesome! If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...