How To Triple Your Profit With A Simple Productivity Hack

By on Feb 16, 2015 in Lifestyle Design, Productivity |

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There’s a fallacy derived from the Four Hour Work Week that our goal is to not work, or get it down to 4 hours a week.  But why 4 hours?  What if told you, you could wake up excited, get much more accomplished, and at least triple your business profit?

This simple productivity hack will transform your day.

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Here’s the problem…most people are continually busy throughout the day, trying to get as much accomplished as they can, but by the time hits the afternoon your mental willpower and decision fatigue start to set in.  Everyday we only have so many energy cycles. By the time the end of your day hits, a ton of smaller priority tasks probably creeped into your day.

The secret to boosting your profit by 3-5x….Schedule your MOST profitable (highest revenue producing) activities first part of your day.  Before emails, before any personal messages, before anything that consumes your energy.

Therefore, the most profit generating activities are getting the highest priority of your day, and the highest  amount of energy.  By doing this consistently everyday, you’ll build unlimited momentum and the revenue will continually to build up.

Personally, I like to get out of my place about 8am after my morning ritual.  This gets me into a work only environment where I can focus on executing without any distractions at home.  I do about 2.5 hrs of hard core focused work, then from that point my day ALREADY feels like an accomplishment.  Everything after at this point is gravy and bonus.  Even if I took the afternoon off it would still feel like my day was a success.  Then I hit the gym, and I can focus much more because it feels like a reward being at the gym.  Finish the gym with a power lunch, and you’ve got yourself a power packed morning, with revenue being at least tripled 🙂

My morning schedule looks like this:

6:30-8:00am – AM Ritual

8:00-10:30am – Most Profitable Activities

10:30-12pm – Gym

12:00-1:00pm – Lunch

 Try it out and you’ll see that in no time your revenue is climbing, you’re feeling great, and you’re enjoying your lifestyle much more!

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