How To Master The 3 Types of Entrepreneurial Days

By on Feb 23, 2015 in Lifestyle Design, Productivity |

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As entrepreneurs it’s easy to fill all your days with Work.  Constantly working day and night.  I’ve always thought I need to constantly work hard and long and that any time off would be loss of revenue.  However, by not taking anytime off it’s easy to get burnt out, lose drive, and energy.  By taking a complete 24hr free day (from midnight to midnight) you’ll gain more mental clarity, more drive and inspiration, and feel more connected to your business.


Focus Days


In racing, this is the race day.  This is when the practice runs are over, the car has been tweak for max performance, and everything is set for ‘game-time’.  From midnight to midnight it’s time to be on your A-game.  The objective here is to be focusing 80% of your time on things that make a leveraged benefit on your business.  This is about getting stuff done…being as productive, effective and efficient as possible.

No time here for messing around doing things slow.  Use the pomodero technique, and max out your days for optimal fulfillment.  Focus the mornings on your most profitable revenue producing activities in blocks of 2-2.5 hours, and soon you’ll be accomplishing much more in your day then you’ve thought possible.


Organization Days


In order to have super high productive and rewarding Focus Days, you must keep agile and on top of your things.  You must minimize your ‘stuff’ and get back to simplicity and organized.  Your action plan needs to be clear with your accountabilities, you’re daily priorities set, and the ‘race car’ ready to race.  To get to that state you need to spend time getting everything organized, returning calls, catch up on emails, clean up…ultimately restoring and maintaining simplicity in your life, and making sure your Focus and Free Days are not intruded.

This is a great day for doing your GTD Weekly Review if you follow Getting Things Done, the stress-free productivity system.

After you’ve completed your Buffer Day, and setup your Focus Day, then you can enjoy your Free Days with guilt-free pleasure, knowing that you’re on top of your business and personal life things.  This allows you to be more present, and connect more with people you love, getting more fulfillment and enjoyment.  That leads us to Free Days…


Free Days


Now that you’ve done your Buffer Day and setup your Focus Days for ultimate productivity and satisfaction, its time to enjoy your Free Day. This day is from midnight to midnight.  Not doing any work…enjoying the day with any recreation.

At first it seems hard to take anytime off, but a magic things starts to happen.  You begin to master the art of delegation.  You begin to setup systems, processes, people, and whatever you need to do to enjoy your Free Day with complete pleasure, knowing everything is being handled.  Once you start taking free days, it becomes easier to take the time off.

The Free Days are critical for rejuvenating yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It’s the day to sit back, chill out, do anything you want that’s not work focused.  Go for a drive, a hike in nature, walk on the beach, a pool party, sight-seeing, etc.

For me I use this as my cheat day for eating.  Throughout the week I’m very good with my diet, then on my Free Day which includes Sunday, I’ll pig out and eat whatever.  Then the next day it’s back on to a clean and nutritious meal plan.

After you’ve completed the Free Day, you’ll be so charged up, ready to rock it on your Focus Day.  Where most people are easing into Monday with procrastination and drowsiness, you’ve already mentally prepped yourself to attack monday morning, because you’ve got you’re whole week planned and you’re relaxed after your Free Day.

There you have it, the 3 types of Days: Focus Days, Organization Days, and Free Days.  My current setup is Mon-Thurs (Focus Days), Fri (Organization Day), Sat (Focus or Free Day…pending work completed), and Sunday (Free Day).

Try it out and leave a comment!

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