How to Eliminate Distractions and Have a Sense of Urgency

By on Oct 5, 2015 in Productivity |

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Followup to my article on Sense of Urgency, now comes the strategy on how to implement the Sense of Urgency into your life.

The best thing to do is to setup your day to be awesome by prioritizing your tasks (needed to hit your goals), then pick a task and focus all your efforts on completing it as fast as possible.

Reason For Urgency

First important thing is to have a reason for why you are having the sense of urgency.  Maybe it’s to buy a home, maybe it’s to take a vacation, maybe it’s to start a business, whatever your reason is, you should be aware of why you have the sense of urgency.  When you have a solid singular focus it gives you the fuel to work at a fast pace.  Connect with this underlying reason and you’ll have the needed fuel to work at the pace you need.

Body Language

After you have the fuel, it is key to have the body language in a way that supports this intense work focus.  How does someone look when they’re unmotivated, tired and lazy?  They’re usually slouched over, and the body language is obvious.  You should have a good posture, straight back, feet squarely planted, and arms resting nicely on your keyboard.  Once you have this position your mind will trigger you to be in work mode.


A great way to get you juiced up and working fast is with music.  Select a playlist that inspires you, gets you focused, preferably upbeat to match your motivation.  There’s plenty of free playlists on 8tracks, YouTube, or SoundCloud.  Choose what that you resonate with and soon you’ll be block out sounds and working fast.


Find a Pomodoro application that works with your computer (plenty of them online), and have a goal to complete X number of them per day.  For me I aim to have 10 Pomodoro’s completed per day.  This tool will enable you to work very fast (because you can see the timing going down), and the breaks are after 25min.  See my article here.

These 4 strategies will get you dialled in, eliminate the distractions, and get your work done with a sense of urgency.

Have any other strategies or comments?  Have an awesome and productive day!

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