How I Went From Reading 1 Book Every 3 Months To 1 Book a Day

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As entrepreneurs, if we’re not keeping up with the latest books, we’re being left behind.

How many books have you read in the last month?  I’m guessing no more than 2.

With so many great business books being released, there’s simply not enough time to read them all.

So how do you plan to keep with all the business books?

This is the question I asked myself every time I went to a bookstore.  I almost resented going to bookstores because I knew there were so many books I should be reading – but wasn’t.  My Amazon wish list is a non-stop, ever expanding list!

Then one day I watched this video on the importance of reading books, and it really struck home:

Tai mentions a few things that really made me think about reading more books.

Namely, instead of trying to read the whole book and understand every concept, it’s better to be a gold digger – seeking out just one life changing idea.

This is huge.

Books have a general topic or theme and they’re usually filled with a bunch of fluff in order to sell the book.  At the end of the day, there’s so much wasted clutter.

This spurred me to immediately take action.  I found an app I had in the past that did exactly what Tai was saying…it provided short summaries that described the key concepts of non-fiction bestsellers.

The app is Blinkist, and you can download it here.

Discovering this app has literally changed my life.  Instead reading 1 book every 3 months, I’m now reading 1 book a day!

During my morning ritual, I read for 20 minutes after breakfast, usually reading the whole book.  Throughout the day, I’ll either finish reading the book or make highlights (it easily keeps track of all the highlights).  Then at night I review the highlights and remind myself of the key concepts.  Boom! One book a day, with highlights and review.

The great thing is I actually feel like a read the book.

If I find the book’s content resonates with me, I’ll buy the book to go more in detail.

As one review states: “The app is so good, it feels like I’m cheating”

Here’s to dramatically increase your reading speed, and your life!

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