Experience Your Ultimate Potential By Using The 5 Second Rule

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Getting what you want is simple – but not easy.  It takes force.

Watch this video:

Today there’s more information then ever before.  You can go find information on how to do anything.  Start a business, learn a skill, build a house…pretty much anything can be found online.  You can find lots of blogs and model the exact person you want to emulate. Find someone you want to become, study them, become them.

It’s simple – but not easy.

In the video, Mel Robbins says we have two parts to our brain.  One is the Auto-Pilot mode, and the other is the Emergency Brake.

Our brain wants to keep us on track.  It wants to conserve energy.  If there’s danger, it wants to have energy available in store to save us.  Our job, our friends, our home, our habits, our health…everything is kept in check by our brain wanting to keep us in routine.  If there’s sign of getting us out of routine, our brain puts on the emergency brake and keeps us in check.

It’s the routine that’s killing us.

People say “I’m Fine” to everything.  Their job is Fine, their body is Fine, their home is Fine, everything is just Fine.  The thing is, everything you really want in life, is just outside your comfort zone.  That girl you want to meet, that business you want to start, that vacation you want to take…the juice of requires you to push beyond your comfort zone (or as Mel say ‘Force’ yourself).

How many times have you heard champion athletes, business people, celebrities and others saying they felt fear, but did it anyway.  This is the point you need to be at.

You have things you want, so you need to act on your intuition.

Mel Robbins, employs this by giving the 5 SECOND RULE.


5 Second Rule


To get past your feelings, and get on track to achieving your dreams, whenever you have an intuition to do something, do it within 5 seconds.  If you don’t do it within 5 seconds, your brain will turn the emergency brake on and kill the impulse. You’ll then not take action, and you wont get what you want.  You’ll be wasting your life away, being complacent, likely living for the weekends drinking and escaping life, rather then living what’s inside of you.

Therefore, practice the 5 second rule by FORCING yourself to take action within 5 seconds, no matter what it is, and after doing so you’ll undoubtedly feel amazing by doing so.

When you get in the habit of forcing yourself to act within 5 seconds, you’ll addicted to being living to your intuition, and then life will be in synchronicity, and amazing things will start showing up as it was magic…but you’ll have to consistently act within 5 seconds otherwise your brain will pull the emergency brake, and you’ll kill the impulses of your unique life.

Go an impulse to do something now?  Go do it! 🙂


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