The Power Of Expecting

By on Jan 19, 2015 in Mindset Hacks |

Our expectations set the limits of for our life.  If you expect little you’re going to receive little.   If you don’t anticipate things to get better, then they won’t, but if you expect great things to happen then they will start to show up in your life.   What is the one word?… Expecting. Every morning you should start off by expecting great things to happen.  By setting this tone in the morning, it will carry throughout the day.   For me, I write out my intentions on a Moleskine notepad every morning.  For example; “I expect to use my time wisely, I expect breakthroughs to come to me today, I expect the right people to enter my life today, I expect miracles to happen, I expect to make a positive impact into someones life today, etc.”   Some people say to be ‘open’ to good things happening, and I would say its in the same line of expecting, however expecting my be a more direct and powerful mindset to have.   After you say your ‘expectations’ you’ll start to feel them channeling the energy in belief.  Once you get the belief, the physical world will show evidence of your belief and the evidence will show.   Most people anticipate poor things to happen, lots of the time it’s subconscious mind chatter.  Instead of anticipating the worst, switch over and anticipate greatness to happen.  Expect to have good breaks, expect for things to turn around, expect to be the leader. Go out and be excited about your future.  Expect abundance in your life.  Expect this year to be the BEST year of your life!   Expecting = Believing.   Retrain your mind, and condition it everyday. If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...