Book Summary: The One Week Marketing Plan

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Powerful marketing campaigns aren’t just for big corporations with large budgets. The One Week Marketing Plan shows that small business entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs have the potential to have powerful marketing campaigns, the trick is having interconnected capture systems and messaging. Properly executed you’ll pull in a specific market, capture their contact info, build a relationship, and convert them to customers.

In one week you can have a powerful marketing system working in synchronicity with your business! Let’s take a closer look:

Day 1: Define your niche market.

While niche marketing may appear to limit your options, your specialization will pay off when you’re standing out from the competition. Finding your niche gives you visibility. To get new customer you need to get attention, and focusing on one area of expertise can help. You want to give specific info that speaks to a specific market. A niche can also improve your business by making your employees work faster and more efficiently, since they focus on less.

Day 2: Convert customers by offering something for free.

There’s low prices everywhere, by giving away something for free you’ll stand out from the crowd. Decide what to give away. For example if you’re an online fitness coach, and lots of people wonder about your diet methodology, you could give away a report called “20 Ways My Diet Will Guarantee Life-Long Results”. Write content that will be around for years. Focus on things your customers are particularly curious or afraid of. Your readers should be satisfied but wanting more – and willing to pay for it! So tell them what to do and not to, but hold out on how to do it.

Day 3: Build a website to deliver your free offer.

Beging by building a page on your website that delivers your free offer. This page should have a header that hooks visitors, and entices people to sing up by giving their contact info. Remember asking for too much info and your visitors will be less likely to sign up, so an email or name and email is preferred. When writing, try writing just to one person, when doing so, you’ll connect more to them and convert better.

Day 4: Create your drip marketing campaign.

Once your visitors enter their contact information, you can set software up to automatically deliver the report as well as ‘drip’ a series of messages over a short period of time. This technique will develop trust and credibility while engraining your business in the mind of your subscribers. The messages should show your expertise and personality, while communicating that you’re competent and a pleasure to work with. Remember people must Know, Like, and Trust you. Try writing to just one person in mind.

Day 5: Increase your website traffic and start advertising.

Once your website is setup and your drip marketing software is installed with your messages, it’s time to start sending visitors to your website. You can do this with PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising from Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin or other websites. Focus on benefits instead of features in your ads.

Day 6: Boost your marketing strategy with well-timed social media postings.

You can use social media to redirect people to your website and turn them into customers. Write a good tag-line is your bio with a link to your website. When posting it’s key to use a different hook each time, like cost savings, mistakes to avoid, ideas, etc. To make it easier you can post schedule your updates using a service such as HootSuite.

Day 7: Boost your online presence.

Strengthen your presence with blogging. While it may require lots of time, the payoffs can be good. As well, Google loves new content so you could start getting SEO ranking for your articles. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with your contacts by emailing them your posts. You could also expand your reach through media coverage and direct mail. Doing these will make you stand out from the crowd, since not many are doing it. And lastly, look to build joint-ventures an partners in a win-win situation. Perhaps it’s getting a message delivered to their email list, speaking and a related industry event, or joint coupon deals.

There you have it, a 1 week marketing plan to get your business dialed in, so you can capture their info, build a relationship, and convert them into customers. Remember it takes commitment to keep your system running, but once you see the results you’ll be hooked!




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