How to Eliminate Distractions and Have a Sense of Urgency

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Followup to my article on Sense of Urgency, now comes the strategy on how to implement the Sense of Urgency into your life. The best thing to do is to setup your day to be awesome by prioritizing your tasks (needed to hit your goals), then pick a task and focus all your efforts on completing it as fast as possible. Reason For Urgency First important thing is to have a reason for why you are having the sense of urgency.  Maybe it’s to buy a home, maybe it’s to take a vacation, maybe it’s to start a business, whatever your reason is, you should be aware of why you have the sense of urgency.  When you have a solid singular focus it gives you the fuel to work at a fast pace.  Connect with this underlying reason and you’ll have the needed fuel to work at the pace you need. Body Language After you have the fuel, it is key to have the body language in a way that supports this intense work focus.  How does someone look when they’re unmotivated, tired and lazy?  They’re usually slouched over, and the body language is obvious.  You should have a good posture, straight back, feet squarely planted, and arms resting nicely on your keyboard.  Once you have this position your mind will trigger you to be in work mode. Music A great way to get you juiced up and working fast is with music.  Select a playlist that inspires you, gets you focused, preferably upbeat to match your motivation.  There’s plenty of free playlists on 8tracks, YouTube, or SoundCloud.  Choose what that you resonate with and soon you’ll be block out sounds and working fast. Pomodoro Find a Pomodoro application that works with your computer (plenty of them online), and have a goal to complete X number of them per day.  For me I aim to have 10 Pomodoro’s completed per day.  This tool will enable you to work very fast (because you can see the timing going down), and the breaks are after 25min.  See my article here. These 4 strategies will get you dialled in, eliminate the distractions, and get your work done with a sense of urgency. Have any other strategies or comments?  Have an awesome and productive...

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The Secret To Making Virtual Income From Anywhere

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Meet David, he’s an inspiring entrepreneur who wants to live anywhere and make money from any cafe, co-working, or home office in the world. He feverishly tries everything he can to contact people to buy his fancy consulting services. He reads everything he can about how to “push” his services onto unsuspecting prospects. Relentlessly he works as hard and as fast as he can, but gets minimal results. Then one day something clicks.  And it all changes. Instead of “pushing” his services onto other people, he does a complete 180′ and does what a “pull” strategy, and his world changes and he gets more business then he can handle…now he works all around the world, stress-free, getting clients with minimal effort. How does he do this? Using “pull” marketing, instead of “push” marketing, with a combined strategy of “channel marketing”. What is this you ask? Push marketing is when you PUSH your services onto other people, and if you push enough times they’ll be someone who buys.  The opposite is PULL marketing, where you focus on people who want your services, and you PULL them into you.  Very different.  Very different results. The kicker is that David decided to do Channel Marketing.  This means that he’s found Channels that already have a ton of buyers and then positioned himself effectively within those channels.  Examples would be Clickbank, Airbnb, Upwork, Elance, Amazon, Ebay, and other well known platforms.  With a steady stream of buyers, David can now focus on optimizing his presence within those channels and then the buyers find him! 🙂 Overtime David finds ways to position himself better on those channels, to the point where he is the go-to person for his services.  David now wakes up in the morning with invitations for new work everyday.  Without having to contact people cold. This is the power of getting positioned well on Channels, using Pull marketing. Now David can focus on building his Virtual Empire wherever he is.   Hopefully this simple concept helped you out.  Let me know any questions.  Look for upcoming strategies on how to position yourself on those channels and become the dominant player who gets never-ending customers. If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

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Sense Of Urgency: How To Get Beyond Your Stuck-State and Achieve Your Goals In 5-10x Faster – Part 1

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Without a sense of urgency desire loses its value. Jim Rohn This is a 2 part series because I consider sense of urgency to be a cornerstone of success. Perhaps you’ve done lots to improve yourself, maybe you’ve worked on your beliefs, your goals, your values, or worked through some other area of your life.  Your life is still stagnating and you get seem to get beyond being unstuck. If only there was a much simpler way that would get you unstuck and allow you to move your life forward faster and quicker then before?  Well you’re right…there is. The most successful people have issues in their own life as well.  There lives are not perfect either.  However, despite them having issues, they operate with a sense of urgency that overcomes their issues.  By moving forward with a sense of urgency, they don’t get stuck on the pressing issues and they move forward with purpose and tenacity.  They know that there’s no time to make excuses, that it’s better to move forward with a sense of urgency. It’s this sense of urgency that you’re missing in your life.  You simply have no urgency to get things done, to achieve your goals, and go after your dreams with purpose, determination, and belief.  It’s a cycle, because by operating slowly, results come slow, belief comes slow, and everything moving at a snails pace until there’s a point where you can’t handle it anymore.  If only you could have a spark under to get you on your purpose and achieve goals rapidly.  There’s no excuses with your past, we all have patterns that continually repeat itself over and over again.  Well now it’s going to be different.  With this one habit of sense of urgency, you will transform your life and your business. There’s two ways a sense of urgency is forced upon us.  One way is by external events, people and circumstances.  For example, you have rent due next month and without rent you’ll be homeless.  Or it could be health reasons, for me having colon cancer was a wakeup signal and create a sense of urgency to get my health into peak state. The other way is internally.  Maybe you want to achieve a charity goal of helping cure cancer, like our Greenhouse Superfoods is out to do.  This internal drive creates a sense of urgency to improve the world, leave a mark, and create lasting change that will impact lives forever. How you get your source of sense of urgency is up to you.  Maybe it’s spending time around people that raise you up and inspire you to be your best self.  Maybe it’s going to fancy car dealerships, seeing nice homes for sale that you would love, being around people that have a purpose in their life, or you’re just plain pissed about how you’ve been living your life, and want more in life!  As long as it creates a strong desire to attack your goals with purpose and get things done as effectively and efficiently as possible. In part 2 of this sense of urgency post, I’ll describe how to get this habit and soon you’ll have the life you’ve dreamed of.  For now, just continue to develop the awareness and get to a point where you...

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Book Summary: The One Week Marketing Plan

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Powerful marketing campaigns aren’t just for big corporations with large budgets. The One Week Marketing Plan shows that small business entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs have the potential to have powerful marketing campaigns, the trick is having interconnected capture systems and messaging. Properly executed you’ll pull in a specific market, capture their contact info, build a relationship, and convert them to customers. In one week you can have a powerful marketing system working in synchronicity with your business! Let’s take a closer look: Day 1: Define your niche market. While niche marketing may appear to limit your options, your specialization will pay off when you’re standing out from the competition. Finding your niche gives you visibility. To get new customer you need to get attention, and focusing on one area of expertise can help. You want to give specific info that speaks to a specific market. A niche can also improve your business by making your employees work faster and more efficiently, since they focus on less. Day 2: Convert customers by offering something for free. There’s low prices everywhere, by giving away something for free you’ll stand out from the crowd. Decide what to give away. For example if you’re an online fitness coach, and lots of people wonder about your diet methodology, you could give away a report called “20 Ways My Diet Will Guarantee Life-Long Results”. Write content that will be around for years. Focus on things your customers are particularly curious or afraid of. Your readers should be satisfied but wanting more – and willing to pay for it! So tell them what to do and not to, but hold out on how to do it. Day 3: Build a website to deliver your free offer. Beging by building a page on your website that delivers your free offer. This page should have a header that hooks visitors, and entices people to sing up by giving their contact info. Remember asking for too much info and your visitors will be less likely to sign up, so an email or name and email is preferred. When writing, try writing just to one person, when doing so, you’ll connect more to them and convert better. Day 4: Create your drip marketing campaign. Once your visitors enter their contact information, you can set software up to automatically deliver the report as well as ‘drip’ a series of messages over a short period of time. This technique will develop trust and credibility while engraining your business in the mind of your subscribers. The messages should show your expertise and personality, while communicating that you’re competent and a pleasure to work with. Remember people must Know, Like, and Trust you. Try writing to just one person in mind. Day 5: Increase your website traffic and start advertising. Once your website is setup and your drip marketing software is installed with your messages, it’s time to start sending visitors to your website. You can do this with PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising from Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin or other websites. Focus on benefits instead of features in your ads. Day 6: Boost your marketing strategy with well-timed social media postings. You can use social media to redirect people to your website and turn them into customers. Write a good tag-line is your bio...

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The Secret Behind Psycho-Cybernetics (and how you can apply it too)

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Look around you.  Your clothes, your home, your career…everything you have in your life started out as a single thought. The biggest secret of all mental secrets, however is NOT the law of attraction. The most powerful attractor of all is something called your self-image. This is different from law of attraction because all your mental pictures, thoughts, and feelings cannot defeat it. Your self-image, good or bad, is what sets the level of your success. If you see yourself as a success, you’ll become one.  If you see yourself as a failure you will continue to fail. The mental picture you have of yourself is what defines you as a person. The good news is that this belief can be changed. It’s called the Theatre of the Mind. Motivational and self-help experts in personal development, including Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy have based their techniques on this concept from Maxwell Maltz. As you consistently rehearse your mental movie in vivid detail and emotion, you’ll find yourself eventually living those moments in reality, if done correctly. This is the secret of Psycho-Cybernetics.   Every morning play a mental movie of your new self-image, and you’re raised self-image will start to appear.   Here’s how:   Step 1. Write out a brief description of the mental movie you intend to construct, experiment with, and develop in the view of the mind. Step 2. Set aside 15 minutes a day, at the same time everyday, relax, close your eyes, enter your theatre and begin playing, editing and replaying your movie. Make the images as vivid and detailed as possible. Approximate actual experiences as much as possible. Do this by paying attention to small details (sights, sounds, objects in your imaginative environment). Details are important because you’re creating a practiced experience. See yourself acting, feeling, being as you want to be. This builds a new image of self. Visualize these things in the theatre of your mind. Project everything on the screen in an exciting, moving way, like the best movie you’ve ever been to. That creates a strong emotion around them. Then tell yourself, “I want to” — then get off your couch and make it happen. Step 3. Gradually massage your movie so that its star (you) performs exactly as you desire, and achieves the experience and results you desire (strive to arrive at this point within the first 10 days). Step 4. For the remaining 11 days, play and enjoy that movie without change. As you watch this future success movie, recall and re-experience the “winning feeling” from the previous movie. As you watch yourself doing something successfully that you intensely wish to accomplish in real time, expand the “winning feeling” from the previous movie. In fact, expand it many times over! Remember, the unconscious mind delivers results much more rapidly when the request is imbued with powerful emotion. So let your mind “cut and paste” the “winning feeling” into your mental movie of future success. By thinking about a past success and intensifying that feeling, you’ll draw your future vision into your world.     Have you applied this secret self-image daily practice? I’d love to hear about your results!   If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave...

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11 Power Tools I Use To Run a Virtual Business Empire

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Hey Virtual Business Empire builders, we would all love to do more in less time.  The following are 9 power tools I use to get as much done in the least amount of time 🙂 Hopefully there’s 1 that might help you.  Here’s the video: Resources: SimpleMind :  A Mind Mapping tool that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. Evernote Helper : A shortcut that easily captures your text, images, and whatever else in seconds and imports into Evernote. TextEdit : Simple text tool with plain formatting.  Stock in Apple OS. Skitch : Put annotations, writing, and notes on images. MySpeed : Change the playback speed of lectures, courses, and videos. Tab for Trello : The quickest way to use Trello. DayOne shortcut : Record life as you live it.  Easily captures your ideas. Jing for Video : Share ideas instantly through the power of video. 1Password : Simple way to hold all your website and ID passwords. YNAB : Simple personal budgeting software to gain control of your finances. TextExpander : Save all your common text responses to shortcuts.   As always these are tools, and you must take action to build your virtual empire 🙂 Is there any tools you love to use?  Put in the comments below! If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

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Top 5 Music Apps For Internet Entrepreneurs That Want Maximum Productivity

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As an internet entrepreneur, you need to get eliminate distractions and maximize your time/efficiency output.  Whether at a cafe, or beachside restaurant, streaming music is the future of how we’re listening to music. Lucky for us, there’s a number of different options to choose from.  Here’s the top 5 music apps for Internet Entrepreneurs that want maximum productivity…   1.  Spotify   Spotify is a streaming music service that made a huge splash in the music industry for being one of the first on the scene.  For working, I like the FOCUS section, which has a wide selection of music tailored to help you focus. You can listen to for free, or you can pay $9.99/month and be ad-free, unlimited skips, listen to in off-line mode, and HQ quality streams.  All in all, Spotify’s playlists are quite impressive.  They have an easy layout, good playlist selection, and it’s nice to see what your friends are listening to.   2. DI Radio   You looking for a dedicated streaming service focused on electronic music?  DI.fm is a fantastic choice.  I have 5 playlists saved, and usually work to high BPM (beats per minute) tracks to get me into flow.  Vocal Trance is one of my favourites.  Stimulates both my mind and emotions.   3. SoundCloud   Great for long DJ sets.  You’ll discover the newest electronic tracks on SoundCloud.  Subscribe to a few people that have good music you like, and you’ll get never ending feeds of DJ sets.  Create some playlists and you’re good to go with professional DJ sets.   4. 8Tracks   8Tracks is another favourite.  What’s unique about 8Tracks is you enter 2 words that resembles your mood, setting, genre, or artist, and then it narrows results based on what you chose.  Also, the playlists are submitted by the users, instead of internal staff, so you get some pretty cool music that you wouldn’t normally here before.  Type in Focus, and you’ll get music to suit your needs.   5. Apple Music   New on the scene is Apple Music, and they have big plans to eat up the competition.  Similar to Spotify’s format, it learns what you listen to and recommends a tailored play list, offline access to your music, unlimited skips, and integrates well with your Apple devices.  It’s still new, so time will tell how they develop Apple Music. Do you have any recommended music apps not listed?     If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

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How To Pack For Bali If You’re an Internet Entrepreneur

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I get a lot of questions on how to pack for Bali. Many people travel from the around the world to get to Bali, so it’s a great question. Moreover, what if you’re an internet entrepreneur, or someone who works online?  This should give you some insight….   This is what I packed for this trip:   Laptop (pictured is my rental because my 15′ Macbook Pro broke down) Make sure to get travel insurance to cover electronics, this could’ve saved me over $1,500 Iphone 6+ (being used to take picture) I used to carry a SLR camera.  There’s no point now, camera phones are much better for portability and picture quality is great. Blender (Nurti-Bullet) I didn’t use this once because my blades got flagged at airport security.  You can get green smoothies for about $2 at restaurants. Knee brace – I brought this for kite-boarding Stand up desk (by Ninja) – I didn’t use the standup desk once…I always worked at cafe’s and co-working spaces Stand up seat (by Mogo) Travel luggage (Eagle Creek) – I don’t like big backpacks.  This rolling bag is so much easier an Eagle Creek has lifetime guarantees. North face jacket – I didn’t wear a jacket once. Travel clothes compactor (Eagle Creek) – This is awesome, it packs the clothes very compact. Portable harddrive – Essential. DJ cable (Griffen) – For those pool parties your wanna throw 🙂 Noise canceling head phones (Klipsch) – Awesome, water resistant, and I love the noise cancelling. Sunglasses (Oakley) – Great for on the scooter. Travel plug converter – You can get them in Bali for about .50. Wireless keyboard and trackpad (Apple) – Hardly used because I didn’t use my standup desk. Eagle Creek pack Notepad (Moleskine/Mont Blanc) Selfie stick – Used a couple times only. Toiletries Shoes (Dress, Vibrams, Native) – Vibrams are amazing, I brought flip flops last time but these are far superior.  I didn’t use my dress vans once…just Vibrams and Native shoes. Belt Shorts (3 casual, 1 swimming, 1 workout) Jeans (1) – I wore these once maybe. Tank-tops (3 casual, 1 workout) T-shirts (5 casual) -Icebreaker is awesome, perfect for all weather conditions. Underwear (4) – Icebreaker is awesome for these too, no odor, great for working out. Socks (3) – Didn’t wear these once aside from going to Singapore. Hat – It gets bright on the beach! Wrist sweat bands – Used for workouts and ecstatic dance. Travel towel – Great for going to beach. What essentials would I pack next time?   Laptop and case Iphone (See if there’s a wireless lapel to do videos) Travel luggage with day pack Travel packs (those one from Eagel Creek) 3 Casual Shorts 4 Tank Tops 4 T-Shirts (More Icebreaker) 3 Underwear (All Icebreaker) 1 Socks (Icebreaker) Hat Travel towel Shoes (Vibram, Vans, maybe thin flip flops) DJ cable Headphones Sunglasses Notepad Insurance for electronics 🙂 Remember, travel as light as possible.  Look at what you pack and ask yourself if it’s essential.  You can always by stuff here in Bali, but stuff like electronics and name brand clothes are harder to come by, or have premium pricing. Hope that helps!  Let me know if you have any questions. Do you have a must-have that’s not on that list?  Please share in the comments!  ...

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Book Summary: Think and Grow Rich

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Book Summary: Think and Grow Rich

If you want to have a virtual empire that you can run from anywhere in the world, you’ve got to have the right mindset from the start. In this Exec Summary, I give you the juice to the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.   To achieve your goals you must have a burning desire.   Have you ever been at the point where you’re low on money and all the sudden the terror kicks in?  The pain is so sharp, it causes you to become really stressed.  So stressed in fact, that you’re scrap all your plans and reprioritize your life!  You must get to that state. Lots of us wish to achieve our goals, but what separates those who do and those who don’t is a BURNING DESIRE.   The basis of every achievement is goal setting and planning.   Every success story begins with people who are clear on what they want.  If you have a goal that’s floating in some undetermined time in the future, you’ll commit half-heartedly to it. Get specific, write the goal down with a date. Next you must create a plan to achieve your goal. This plan must outline the precise steps you must take to achieve the goal.  Don’t over plan! Once you’ve got your plan, get cracking! Don’t waste time wondering if the plan is right, just get going!  Read your plan twice daily, once in the morning and once at night.   Have an unwavering faith in yourself.   Have an unwavering faith in yourself that you will achieve your goals.  You can only achieve your goals when you have confidence in yourself.  Once you start to see a little success, the confidence will grow and grow.  Having faith in ourselves has an enormous influence on our self-image.   Use auto-suggestion to influence your behavior.   To use auto-suggestion effectively depends on your capacity CONCENTRATE on a given DESIRE until that desire becomes a BURNING OBSESSION.  Read ALOUD twice daily the written statement of your DESIRE FOR MONEY.  SEE AND FEEL already in possession of the money! You must see the physical appearance of the money.  DEMAND and EXPECT your money!  Your subconscious mind will create the plans you need. Be on the alert for these plans, when they appear put them into ACTION IMMEDIATELY! When the plans appear they will ‘flash’ into your mind as an ‘inspiration’.   Knowledge is power.   Take the time to learn what you need to achieve your goals.  If you want to be successful you don’t need to stuff your head with a bunch of facts.  It’s much more important to acquire the right experiences and knowledge for the particular goal you want to achieve.  Know who you can ask for the knowledge.  Surround yourself with a network of experts who share the specialized knowledge you are seeking, it’s much easier to do this then learn it yourself.   Imagination is where you turn your dreams into reality.   Every success starts with an idea.  Einstein said “Imagination is everything.  It is the preview to life’s coming attractions”.  You must visualize and focus on your desire.  There’s creative imagination and synthetic imagination.  Creative is when you can come up with completely new things, like artists and writers.  Synthetic is arranging old...

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How I Went From Reading 1 Book Every 3 Months To 1 Book a Day

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As entrepreneurs, if we’re not keeping up with the latest books, we’re being left behind. How many books have you read in the last month?  I’m guessing no more than 2. With so many great business books being released, there’s simply not enough time to read them all. So how do you plan to keep with all the business books? This is the question I asked myself every time I went to a bookstore.  I almost resented going to bookstores because I knew there were so many books I should be reading – but wasn’t.  My Amazon wish list is a non-stop, ever expanding list! Then one day I watched this video on the importance of reading books, and it really struck home: Tai mentions a few things that really made me think about reading more books. Namely, instead of trying to read the whole book and understand every concept, it’s better to be a gold digger – seeking out just one life changing idea. This is huge. Books have a general topic or theme and they’re usually filled with a bunch of fluff in order to sell the book.  At the end of the day, there’s so much wasted clutter. This spurred me to immediately take action.  I found an app I had in the past that did exactly what Tai was saying…it provided short summaries that described the key concepts of non-fiction bestsellers. The app is Blinkist, and you can download it here. Discovering this app has literally changed my life.  Instead reading 1 book every 3 months, I’m now reading 1 book a day! During my morning ritual, I read for 20 minutes after breakfast, usually reading the whole book.  Throughout the day, I’ll either finish reading the book or make highlights (it easily keeps track of all the highlights).  Then at night I review the highlights and remind myself of the key concepts.  Boom! One book a day, with highlights and review. The great thing is I actually feel like a read the book. If I find the book’s content resonates with me, I’ll buy the book to go more in detail. As one review states: “The app is so good, it feels like I’m cheating” Here’s to dramatically increase your reading speed, and your life! Have a question you want answered? Do you have something that works for you?   If you liked this post, subscribe to this blog and I’ll be sending you more cool blog posts just like this one. First Name: Email: Leave this field empty if you're...

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