I’ll never forget the moment, I was sitting comfortably in my hospital bed, when a team of doctors and surgeons came into my hospital room.  Each one with a very serious look. The lead doctor sat on my bed and said: “You have Cancer”.

I felt like my whole world flipped upside down.

My breathing became shallow, and it was hard to reply, so I just listened to the doctors explanation…But as I listened, I had hundreds of thoughts racing through my mind.  What did he say? What will happen to my life? How could this happen? Why me?

IMG_3405I was in shock.  Suddenly nothing else in the world mattered except my health and those close to me.  I decided that no matter what, I am going to beat this, and I will use the experience as a way to make a positive impact to the world.

After a few weeks of surgeries and diet adjustments, the surgeon told me the amazing news “the Cancer is completely gone”.  That individual moment was one of the most incredible moments.

I felt like the most blessed person in the world.

Now I’m on a mission to live life to the FULLEST and help others do the same.  Time is to precious to let it slip by.  The world is awesome in so many ways…explore and find what gets you excited!  I’ll do my best to share the strategies and tools that work for me.  Stay tuned!