19 iPhone Travel Apps You Need To Know

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I love traveling.  Here’s 10 iphone travel apps that will make the most out of your time while traveling:

  1. Trello
    • Great for capturing ideas throughout the day.  I use it to follow the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology.  Simple and effective tool.
  2. Pomodoro
    • For those that know about the benefits of the Pomodoro time system.  This is the best tool I’ve seen for it.  Also like the round tracking and daily goal total…it keeps you focused.
  3. Drive
    • Google Docs is awesome.  Google Drive is the app that stores them all and gives you online storage for all your files.  Better then Dropbox right now because the office suite is  built in.
  4. iMovie
    • Awesome for shooting and editing videos.  Gone are the days you need a computer, this app is awesome.  I create vision board movies and watch them daily.
  5. Audible
    • The amount of time I spend on a scooter or in transit is a lot.  Therefore a subscription to audible with audio books is paramount to maximizing my time.
  6. Kindle
    • Sure I love old school books, but to have ALL my books in my phone is priceless.  I read on it daily.  I love the highlighting feature for easy future referencing.
  7. Evernote
    • Goes without saying that this is a killer app.  I scan all my tickets, my screenshots, and pretty much any other note.  Great app.
  8. Expense
    • Keeping track of your finances is key.  This is one of the best that I’ve seen.  Simple layout, quick and easy to enter transactions.
  9. Day One
    • Journals are very rewarding to get your thoughts out.  This is the best there is.  I do a photo a day as well.
  10. djay 2
    • Got a pool party?  Use this app to setup turntables, and combine their DJ cable for a complete DJ setup
  11. 8Tracks
    • In the morning I listen to motivation playlists to get me juiced up, in the gym I listen to gym tracks, and for parties you can select playlists for that too.
  12. Instagram
    • Visual app to showcase all your travel pics!
  13. Skype
    • Communicate with your team, family, colleagues.  Setup a local number and make outbound calls from your hometown.
  14. Airbnb
    • Search for awesome places to stay at!
  15. Time Buddy
    • Easily convert your current timezone with people in other timezones.
  16. 1Password
    • Store all your passwords, identity, and other card info in this app.
  17. TripAdvisor
    • Great for finding fun things to do, restaurants, and other interests.  Rate it by ratings and you’re liking to find great stuff!
  18. Converter
    • Convert currency, weight, distance and everything else in snap.
  19. Facebook Messenger
    • I removed Facebook from my iphone recently and like the less distractions.  However I still love communicating through Facebook, this app makes this doable.

There you have it, 19 awesome travel apps you need to know!

Got other suggestions?  Let me know about them!


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